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CU/EC/MAM/102EMM/MAT/CSWK/1415/2 Issue 1.0 Page 1 of 5 102EMM Main Coursework Case Study (CSWK2): Materials & Manufacturing Process Selection Scenario King Swan has awarded you a follow-on contract in light of the work you performed under the first contract (CSWK1). As before, you are an independent consultant engineer you have just won a short term contract from King Swan Engineering, a large and busy multi-national. King Swan have tasked you to conduct some research and to provide some analyses on the basis of this research. The contract includes a brief on the scope of the research, the deliverables and delivery schedule, which have been included in the later sections of this document. The next section of this document is a summary of background information you obtained when you went to see the engineering manager at King Swan prior to being awarded the contract. Background Information King Swan is a successful multinational engineering firm that works in a wide variety of engineering sectors. They are renowned for working to tight deadlines and producing high quality products for their customers, and so expect the same from their supply chain which now includes you. When you met the engineering manager at King Swan the following points became obvious during the discussion: • The work you will do will have an impact right across King Swan, a global company. As a consequence the report that you deliver may be read by people all over the world. Clear and plain language is therefore essential. • The engineers at King Swan are extremely busy and will rely on being able to read your report quickly and efficiently. As a consequence the information and data that you provide in your report must be clear and the structure of the document must make it easy to trace back from any conclusion you make to the data that you made the decision on. A well-structured and concise report is therefore essential. • King Swan are aware that a great deal of information is available through the internet, books and journals on the engineering concepts covered by this project. This information may come from King Swan’s competitors, potential suppliers or researchers who may be of interest toking Swan if they want to develop the research beyond the report that you deliver. In addition King Swan has a strong business ethics policy. As a consequence traceability of information is critical to the delivery of your contract. Identifying the sources of pre-existing information in your report is therefore essential. • King Swan are a successful and profitable company because they employ great engineers as employees and as contractors like you that provide value for money. As a consequence King Swan will be expecting your report to include your original ideas on the subject of the work, which will add value to research beyond that of a mere review of available information. Demonstrating your ability to innovate and to make engineering decisions that are supported by evidence will improve your chances of repeat business from King Swan and help to establish your reputation as a reliable and trusted engineer. CU/EC/MAM/102EMM/MAT/CSWK/1415/2 Issue 1.0 Page 2 of 5 Contract Details Scope A case study is required any one component selected from the prototype front end of an Aston Martin that King Swan have provided to assist your assessment. Choose one from the following list: • Front End (including longitudinal crash beams) – refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2 • Brake disc – refer to Figure 3 • Strut Tower – refer to Figure 4 A physical model has been provided and can be found on the Lower Ground floor for you to investigate. Some images are shown below. Figure 1: Physical Model on LG, Front and Rear View Figure 2: Side View of Front End, showing longitudinal (crash) beams CU/EC/MAM/102EMM/MAT/CSWK/1415/2 Issue 1.0 Page 3 of 5 Figure 3: Brake Disc Figure 4: Strut Tower (the silver component in the centre of the image) The information required on the chosen component is described in more detail in Table 1. CU/EC/MAM/102EMM/MAT/CSWK/1415/2 Issue 1.0 Page 4 of 5 Deliverables Delivery of your report to King Swan is being managed by Coventry University. King Swan has tasked the University to independently assess the originality and quality of the work. Coventry University staff on 102EMM are available to answer any reasonable questions you have on this work. An 8 page (A4) report is expected, with a minimum font size 10. Line spacing should be no more than 1.5 lines. This page limit excludes figures, tables, graphs and appendices. Your report can be longer than 8 sides (e.g. due to figures, graphs & tables) but no more than 8 sides of text in report main body. Appendices should be used for non-essential diagrams and information if necessary. The report must be submitted in Word 97-2003 format. The report is expected to have a structure as defined by the Sections described below. In addition a Saaty analysis has been conducted by King Swan to assess the relative value of the Sections and the quality of the writing to its engineers. The results of this analysis, the value ascribed to the report sections and the report quality are shown as percentages of relative value against each portion of the report below in Table 1: Table 1 Section Subject Matter Relative Value 1 Component Function and Operating Environment 1a Review the function (or role) of your chosen component including the context of the larger assembly to which it belongs. 8% 1b Outline the service conditions that are caused by the component’s function and the environment in which it functions which the component will be designed to withstand (e.g., types of stresses, temperatures, service atmospheres etc.). 8% 2 Material Properties and Selection 2a Discuss and justify the material property requirements for the component by relating the material property requirements to the service conditions & requirements identified in your answer to section 1b. 12% 2b Identify the material or materials used to make the components on the physical model (ignore any small brackets, bolts and other small components attached to the component). Using the identified material properties from question 2a, perform a material selection analysis (using CES software) to justify the material used on the physical model. Use relevant performance indices to aid you CES selection. Hence justify the material used on the model. 12% 3 Component Manufacturing Route 3a Manufacturing route selection: Discuss several potential suitable manufacturing routes for your component in the selected material. Perform a CES process selection exercise relevant to your component and your selected material and in order to downselect and justify a final process route. 10% 3b Review & explain the selected manufacturing route in detail. 10% 4 Alternative Materials and Manufacturing Routes 4a List alternative materials that are also used to make the component you have selected. For each material make reference to your CES analysis from Section 2b and compare properties (both materials & physical). Select what you believe 10% CU/EC/MAM/102EMM/MAT/CSWK/1415/2 Issue 1.0 Page 5 of 5 Section Subject Matter Relative Value to be the “best” alternative material and explain why it is the best alternative. 4b Describe the main differences between the component on the physical model and the same component made from your best alternative material in terms of: its structure, the means of joining the component to the rest of the vehicle, the manufacturing routes required to make it. 10% Other Report structure presentation, referencing & technical writing style, adherence to the requirements contained in this document. 20% TOTAL 100% Delivery Schedule This brief has been provided on Tuesday 6th Jan 2015 via 102EMM Moodle (the report submission link will be provided prior to the submission deadline) The submission deadline is 11.55pm on Tuesday 21st April 2015. After this time the submission will be rejected unless an extension is granted. Late work will only be accepted with a officially granted extension from assessment office (this will requ
ire legitimate reasons, e.g. medical) Turnitin software will be used to check for ensure originality and value. DO NOT COPY FROM WEB SITES, TECHNICAL REPORTS OR TEXT BOOKS, SUCH BEHAVIOUR IS PLAGIARISM AND THEREFORE UNACCEPTABLE. The penalties for plagiarism can be severe and have extreme consequences for your future at the University. Friendly Advice • READ THIS DOCUMENT THOROUGHLY SEVERAL TIMES. • Do not leave asking questions or report submission until the last moment. • Write report in the “3rd person” (standard report writing style) • Please make sure your work is properly referenced. • References, figures, tables and graphs must be cited within the text at the relevant place as well as listed in full in your Appendix (reference section). • Structure the report as per the sections in the scope, i.e., as the customer wants it. Do not combine sections. • If you don’t attempt a particular section, you will get a zero for that section.