Master of criminology and criminal justice

Order Instructions/Description

Students are required to write and submit a proposal for an evaluation of a criminal justice. The proposal will include the following elements: an abstract, an introduction that clearly states the criminal justice intervention that is to be evaluated and introduces
the primary research question(s), a section that systematically reviews the literature pertinent to the research
question(s), a section that clearly identifies and describes the research question(s) and research
hypotheses, a section that identifies and describes the proposed research research site and/or research subjects; a section that depicts the evaluation design and sample; a section that depicts the proposed data
collection methods and variables; a section that describes how the investigator intends to analyse their
data; a section that identifies the limiations of the proposed study; a section that describes who will conduct the evaluation project, how the research will be managed, how the project will be organised as well as a schedule for getting the research completed; and finally an evaluation budget. Your proposal must also identify any ethical concerns and risks raised in the study.

Students are advised to select narrow and straightforward evaluation topics and evaluation questions
for inclusion in their proposal. Students should keep in mind the potential ease of data collection when
thinking about their evaluation topics.

Community crime prevention