Marketing Report

Assignment Requirements

Assessment 2 – Group Report: 60%


Purpose of Assessment 2


The purpose of assessment 2 is to enable students to develop their knowledge, understanding and application of marketing concepts in a retail company: e.g. Segmentation, Product, Branding, Pricing, Promotion – which can include Advertising, Public Relations, Personal Selling, Sales Promotions, Distribution, E-Marketing (web site), Processes, Physical evidence and People (the 7ps should all be related to the marketing mix) and Environmental factors.


Task for Assessment 2 – working in groups of maximum 4 or 5 students


Students are required to locate and review one small, local retail outlet, for example:

Hairdresser, Coffee Shop, Shoe Shop, Electrical Store, Small Grocery Shop, Butchers, Patisserie, Clothes Shop, Jewellers, etc. Each Group within each seminar group should choose a different type of retail outlet.

Choose a small and independent retailer that is under-performing and needs your consulting firm’s skills and advice. Your task is to research, analyse and make appropriate recommendations to improve its business performance.


For the report students should answer the following questions:


  1. Students should give an overview of the type of shop, name, location, history etc.

If the shop is part of a bigger group this should be explained.

  1. What are the characteristics of the customers who use the retail outlet?

Students should consider and refer to segmentation variables e.g. geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural, etc. when describing the customers. Reference to academic sources is recommended.

  1. With reference to an academic text define and explain what is meant by the term marketing mix then review and outline each element of the marketing mix of the retail outlet under review? Refer to academic material to explain your findings.

(Students should clearly review and outline each element of the marketing mix using the 7ps. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Processes, Physical evidence, People.)

  1. Explain why an understanding of the external/environmental (PESTLE) factors is important for all organisations.
  2. Explain how in your opinion, a change in each element of PESTLE could have an effect upon the shop under review.


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