Marketing Portfolio

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This assignment consists of 3 parts. Part one has already been submitted and I will add it as an additional file. Part 2 and 3 have to be on the same subject although part 1 can be edited as I will also attach a feed back form about part 1.
This is a major term paper consisting of a high percentage of the course. It would be Ideal to have a marketing major / practitioner to do this assignment since it will need a lot of information and marketing jargon to show knowledge of the course. All references must be academic and nothing before 2000. Each sentence has to be on point and precise, no extra writing to extend this assignment since it could be 5000 words long but limited to 2500. There will be additional information not counted in the word count such as a CV and additional appendixes that will be listed below. I will pay for 3000 words but only 2500 is expected in the body. the other 500 is appendixes etc.
Furthermore part 1 that I will attach is part of the body and will require simply adding it to the main essay with a few fixes.
(Part 1) (10% of the course assessment when first submitted):
Marketing career inspiration and aspirations – include current support for development – family, friends, mentors etc.
Self-assessment of marketing skills and knowledge – minimum marketing knowledge and identify areas to emphasise for specific marketing areas of interest.
(Part 2) Evidence and reflections on current levels of development – draw on course activities, capturing multiple sources of your development level and adding evidence from activities outside of this course in each of the following areas:
-Social Responsibility
Create a curriculum vitae that reflects your current level of development as a marketer and is also an example of your ability to ‘market’ yourself
(Part 3))Career Management Plan – identify aspects to develop for each area and opportunities for development prior to graduating as well as in the first two years of your marketing career. This can include future choice of course selection, extra-curricular opportunities, voluntary work, paid work and development opportunities available outside of university.
6.An in-class PowerPoint-based presentation of your research.
7.A research and personal development diary summary covering the entire period of the portfolio, reflecting upon and demonstrating the challenges and achievements of your portfolio. (200-500 words)
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