Marketing Plan

You are required to carry out secondary research and to formulate a Marketing Communications campaign plan for TED BAKER PLC.

You are tasked specifically to:

Complete a 2500 word report for the Project Manager. You should assume the role of a Marketing Assistant when writing the report.

The report should outline your responses to the following tasks:

  1. Prepare a summary analysis of the campaign context for selected brand, including a description of the brand, an analysis of actual customers, competitors, strength of the organization/brand, market trends and a review/analysis of previous marketing Communications activities (see marking sheet). This analysis will provide the foundation for the development of the launch campaign plan (task 2).
  2. Recommend a range of promotional activities for the campaign of the selected brand. Following a marketing communications planning framework (e.g., Fill, 2009) you need to consider how you will reach customers and promote the selected brand. You will need to state what your promotional objectives are and the positioning sought. You must recommend a range of marketing communications tools as appropriate, discuss the message and the media you are going to use trying to be creative, and demonstrate how they will be integrated into one campaign. You should include creative and original suggestions.


This module is assessed entirely on the final individual report. The report will be assessed using the following weighting:

  1. Presentation of the report       10 marks
  2. Analysis of the campaign context       40 marks
  3. Marketing Communications Plan       50 marks