Marketing Oral Presentation: Advertising Brief

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Prepare and deliver a 5-minute oral presentation outlining your suggested advertising brief, provide your notes and a brief reflection on your communication skills related to delivering presentations, active listening and providing constructive feedback to peers on opportunities for further development. 500 words in the slides total.
All presentations must cover the following areas within the 5-minute time frame:
1. Brief overview of their view of the organisation requiring the advertising brief and its place in society (1 minute or less)
2. What type of marketing roles do they anticipate being involved in advertising for this organisation and what type of skills, knowledge would be required? (1 minute to demonstrate critical thinking)
3. Outline your suggested advertising brief for this organisation, justify each component (2 minutes to show reflection, creative thinking on how to best communicate the brief)
4. Conclusion: Final words on why your brief will be effective
Notes on how the presentation was made are essential, as they consist of 50% of the required mark for this assessment.
Notes to show preparation for the presentation must be typed. Reflections will account for 50% of Assessment 3 and must cover the following points:
1. Review past feedback and outline how you incorporated this into the presentation process.
2. Rate your current skill level for oral presentations using the course framework and any development since presentation 1.
3. What evidence is this based upon? Include your Secret URL to confirm this evidence is shown in your portfolio.
4. Do you feel that your oral communication skills are adequate for your current stage in your program? Why/Why Not?
5. What would you do differently next time you need to present? How can you further develop your skills in this area? Note this in your career management plan.

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