Marketing Manager’s Academic Skills: Adidas®

Marketing managers play an important role in the apparel industry. They publicize companies, products, new trends in fashion, organize ads, promote sales, publicize special events and act as messengers (Vogt & Wojak 2007). The course of this paper is to identify the key academic skills required of a retail-marketing manager for Adidas® and to highlight key personal academic skills, strengths and weaknesses using self-assessment tools.

Adidas® is a global leader in the manufacture of sportswear. The consumer is at the centre of all Adidas® products and thus quality, feelings, image, value and looks ensure customer appeal. Adidas® is an innovator and a design leader globally (Adidas Group 2011). Adidas® on 26 October 2011 advertised a ‘retail marketing manager’ position. The position holder is expected to give life to the Adidas® brand, promote sales by providing merchandising and retail expertise to the marketing team as well as deliver retailing programs (Adidas Group 2011).

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