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Write the brief from Axel Audio to their market research agency asking them to recommend how they might explore the reactions of UK consumers to (((the Axel Modular Headphone concept))).
please add some picture for this product 
• to write the proposal, as if you were the market research agency.
Explanation of each section:
Why does the client want to commission this project?
Background and Objectives
The agency’s view on why the research should be done
Method – Research Design
The agency’s recommendations on how the research should be conducted
Method – Sample
The agency’s recommendations on who should be interviewed, how many respondents should be interviewed and how they should be sampled 
Deliverables / Timing / Budget
Explanation of what the client will receive at the end of the project, when each stage will happen and how much the project will cost

please use this reference:
McDaniel, Carl Jr. and Gates, Roger (2015) Marketing Research: 10th edition, John Wiley and Sons


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