Instructions to Candidate:
Students should complete both parts 1 and 2 of this assessment.
Module Outcomes:
At the end of the module the learner will be expected to be able to:
Evaluate tools, concepts and techniques for developing a marketing plan.
Ensure that the marketing plan is compatible with overall organisational objectives.
Judge the appropriateness of given concepts, techniques and tools in developing and managing the marketing mix.
Determine the relationship between development of the marketing mix and its impact upon performance.
The Question:
Select a retail company of your choice. Write an essay which examines in detail the market place for that company. You should consider the major marketing issues the organisation faces. This will include a critical analysis the organisation’s recent marketing performance and details of the macro and micro environments. In particular you must provide a critical analysis of changes in the consumer behaviour that have resulted in the organisation having to revise its marketing strategies. The content of the essay should contain, but not be limited to, a detailed examination of:
• The organisation’s marketing performance
• The market environment
• The competitive position with respect to competitor organisations
• Target consumer profiles and an analysis of the consumer behaviour
• The marketing mix and in particular the product and /or service offered and how this meets the current and potential future needs of the target audience.
Your essay should be more than 3500 words, but must not exceed 4000 words. You must use theory to support your analysis and you should include examples in addition to your selected organisation to reinforce your analysis.
You will be assessed on the level of your critical analysis, the insights you show, evidence of extensive reading and in particular your awareness of current marketing issues in the business and marketing media.
The word count does not include tables, charts, diagrams or the reference list. You should submit your work as a Word file, via Moodle before the deadline.
Part 1 Word Count: more than 3500 words, but must not exceed 4000 words.
The brief:
Maker Coatings is a company based in Exeter. It supplies surface coatings (paint systems) to a wide range of organisations. It therefore operates in the Business-to Business sector and deals with trade clients and small commercial contractors. As indicated in the attached company profile the directors have decided to launch a new range of Hygiene coatings.
You should adopt the role of a Marketing Consultant. You have been approached by the directors of Maker Coatings and asked to pitch for a marketing consultancy project. You should prepare a 1500 word report that explains in detail what process you would go through to prepare a marketing plan that would support the successful launch of the proposed new product.
Your proposal should include examples of other B2B companies and the underpinning marketing theory. You must detail each part of the planning process and explain the methods you would adopt to conduct an internal and external analysis, market research, develop marketing objectives, prepare a promotional plan and the controls you would recommend are put in place.
Charts, diagrams, tables and appendices are not included in the word count.
This is an individual coursework. The report should be presented in a professional manner, formatted in the manner recommended in the Guide to Report Writing which you will find on the Moodle site. Marks will be awarded for the style and tone-ofvoice, the use of good grammar and the overall quality of the proposal.
Part 2 Word Count: 1500 words
The final work should be submitted as a Word file via Moodle before the deadline.
The company
MAKER COATINGS Ltd. Managing Director: Phil Grierson Sales Director: Colin Bower
Maker Coating systems Ltd was formed in 1979, with a view to supplying specialist coatings (paints) to industry. At that time anything other than gloss paints & emulsion (household paints) were virtually unheard of and products such as the tough two pack epoxy paints were difficult to obtain.
Maker started by promoting Anti-Corrosion systems, which could be applied to rusted steel without the requirement for expensive surface preparation such as grit blasting.
These products were easy to apply and had special top coats designed to resist all manner of things such as chemicals, abrasion, and moisture. It also diversified into marketing roof treatments, floor coatings and exterior wall coatings, all offering much longer life than conventional products.
Maker offers much more than the traditional “paint merchant” from whom you would just go in and buy something. They act as consultants. They visit a site, look at and discuss the issues in question and recommend a solution to the problem.
A significant weakness is that if a proprietary product is recommended which can be obtained from elsewhere, they risk losing the sale, and the income.
They need to create a range of “own label” products. They believe our company’s credibility in the marketplace is such that people will “trust” our products.
Maker have decided to create a range of Hygiene Coatings known as Stericide UF for application to internal surfaces of food factories, kitchens, hospital wards and corridors, computer clean rooms, fish and meat processing plants from “field to kitchen”.
The advantage of the system is that it is water based, no solvent fumes (green) it contains a proven, non-leaching bactericide, it is tough and will take constant cleaning; it is easy to apply and comes at a relatively low cost.
There is competition from, Rust-Oleum- Biosan, Sika – Liquid Plastics- Steridex and a few others, however most competitors treat it as an “also” product & don’t really push it. This is where Maker sees an opportunity.
It is supplied in 10ltr cans at a cost of approx. £118 (£11.80/ltr) coverage 5m²/ltr £2.36/m² per coat i.e. £4.72/m² Ex Vat