Marine Surveying

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Answer questions supplied with 1500 words, documents required for answers will be supplied. Writer will have to read up on old newpapers and reports pertaining to Cruise Ship Carnival Splendor for parts of question

TMA Marine Surveying
Covering Modules Six and Seven
1 15% In your own words, describe the role of Marine Safety Investigating States with regards to a very serious marine Casualty as defined by the Casualty Investigation Code.
2 15% List five legal rights of the surveyor being interviewed by the Marine Safety Investigating State and explain for each of these, why this is important to both the surveyor and to the Investigation outcome.
3 Select a recent marine system failure that has attracted your Interest. Collect information relating to the failure from different sources such as reports, statements, newspapers, magazines or journals. Include these sources with your answer.
A: 15% Name and draw a systems map to include all of the important components mentioned in the sources. Organise them into environmental factors, wider system factors and the system understudy.
B: 15% Draw a Sequential Fact Diagram (SFD) based on the sources and the system map. Remember to include only those items for which evidence exists.
C: 20% Write a short factual report based on your SFD
(1500 words) for question above marine system failure use Ship Carnival Splendor, one report attached, use internet and newspaper online sources for other parts of answer and scan attachments.
Don’t copy answers word for word off internet as this happened on last assignment.