The goal of this project is to get you thinking sociologically. It would be very helpful for you to read C. Wright Mills, the Sociological Imagination. It’s also a good idea to understand the three sociological perspectives. This is the area where students have the most difficulty. Remember, sociology is a science, therefore collecting data and conducting research is imperative. Conclusions drawn sociologically are based on data, just as the conclusions in physics or chemistry are based on data. ! In addition, the assignment is designed to help students understand an issue within sociology from various perspectives. In addition, students must present significant data which supports or discredits popular concepts of current issues on the matter. This exercise is intended to encourages students to think critically about their social world in context with social issues. ! The only restriction I have is that I do not want a term paper; the project requires research to be conducted, therefore a research paper which identifies the dilemma/research topic and secondary results is required.