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Final Paper  Section 1: Topic Problem (From Proposal) Restate the Topic Problem Sentence from Roman numeral I of the Proposal.  Section 2: Body Sections (From Annotated Bibliography) Use six (6) of the Annotated Bibliographies ( 2 sources per Subtopic) and place in the body section of the paper. If the annotations were written correctly, then the paragraphs will be unchanged from the Annotated Bibliography.  Section 3: Potential Solutions (New Section) In a series of three (3) paragraphs, provide solutions to the topic problem as stated in Section I. Solutions may come from the Annotated Bibliography or your own point of view. All solutions should be based on at least the six (6) sources mentioned in Section 2, but may incorporate any of the other sources from the Annotated Bibliography. This means that you should cite the AB sources in-text and provide a Works Cited section at the end of this paper.