Managing Projects

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


1 Presentation Content 

Imagine your IS/IT consultancy group has won a contract to supply IT Project Management Consultancy Services to a local business. You are required to role play a professional IS/IT consultancy group and give a presentation outlining the importance of how a project is defined, specified, planned and controlled. Your answer should include the various documents, tools and techniques used when planning and controlling a project, as well as methods for estimation and approaches and techniques for the minimising  of risk. Your answer should also consider the importance of building, leading and managing the project team.

When producing the presentation you should also: –
Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of the issues relating to the management of information systems projects. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of problem definition and activity planning as important stages in the problem solving process. Demonstrate the application of relevant tools and techniques. You need to produce slides and notes. The notes and any diagrams or pictures should be academically referenced. Guidance will be provided in the tutorial sessions.