managing business growth and sustainability

Detailed Assignment Information: Assignment 3


Module title Managing Business Growth and Sustainability


Assessment title Assignment 3:


Brief description Individual assignment: To submit a strategic growth plan for the MAI business.



Final submission date


To be submitted via Turnitin only, by 11.59pm Friday the 12th of April 2015.



Work will be marked out of




Absolute value of work






You are to submit a strategic plan (formal report format) to evaluate the extent to which your Make an Impact business has the potential to become a sustainable/growth business (by giving consideration to the growth models discussed in class i.e. Burns, Greiner, Klofsten; growth through merging, acquisitions, joint ventures etc)  This plan should be around 2,500 words (+/- 10%).


Bottom of Form

Assessment Criteria Marking Scheme



Marks Available  (100)


Overall depth and quality of plan 50
Theoretical element 20
Use of supporting evidence (including references) 20
Presentation of Document 10



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