Managerial Communication

1.      What is the reason that sales messages sent by email often create hostility among intended customers?
They are mostly unsolicited emails.
They use the you-attitude.
They typically use the direct method of organizing data.
They mostly use the active voice.
They adapt the message according to the audience.
2.      Information such as a person’s age, gender, income and geographic location are called _____.
physiographic information
geographic information
psychographic information
angiographic information
demographic information
3.      The difference between extrinsic benefits and intrinsic benefits is that:
intrinsic benefits are those that a reader gets automatically by complying with a request.
intrinsic benefits are relatively short-lived.
extrinsic benefits are relatively long-lived.
intrinsic benefits are the added benefits.
extrinsic benefits are emphasized in persuasive messages
4.      Unwanted mails that are usually discarded even before they are read are called _____.
junk mails
permission-based mails
scam mails
ad-hoc mails
illegal mails
5.      Mary has to write a proposal in response to an RFP put out by an organization. Mary is aware that her proposal is going to face stiff competition and will surely lose out unless she gets to the point at the earliest. In this case, it is best to use the  _____.
direct order
roundabout order
cluttered phrase
mixed construction
6.      Which of the following is true about emotional appeals?
Emotional appeals are best suited for selling rational products.
Aristotle had categorized emotional appeals as logos.
Emotional appeals are those based on our senses.
It is best to avoid the use of emotional appeal when advertising products that do not perform any discernable rational function.
Emotional appeals are mainly based on logic
7.      The persuasive appeals identified by Aristotle that are based on the character of the speaker are referred to as:
8.      The product most likely to be sold to consumers through rational appeals would be:
diamond rings.
teen fashion accessories.
automobile tires.
exotic flowers
9.      The product most likely to be sold to consumers through rational appeals would be:
diamond rings.
teen fashion accessories.
washing machines.
exotic cuisine
10.  The indirect method of organizing data is used for persuasive messages to set up the explanation for the negative news and the function of the opening statement is to lead to the central strategy. However, the openings of persuasive messages also have the important function of:
gathering information about the reader.
gaining the attention of the reader.
making the request clear and positive.
summarizing the contents of the entire message.
getting straight to the point of the message