Managerial Accounting

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


This paper will be submitted in TURNITIN.COM, no plagiarism, and cite APA. 

Professor Instructions: You will be preparing a case study on a company of your choice (Cannot use Wal-Mart, Google, Apple, Target, or Starbucks) This case study must satisfy the following requirements: 
1. Content Criteria 
a. Company may be public or private and may be goods-oriented or services-oriented (note that goods-oriented companies tend to be easier to assess within the context of this course). 
b. Provide brief background of company. 
c. The majority of the paper must focus on how the company utilizes managerial accounting within its operations. The following are just some of the many example areas for discussion:
2. How does the company utilize budgets? How do these compare to their financial statements? What type of budgeting is used? 
3. How is overhead accounted for? What type of costing is used? What are the average costs of one of their products? What makes up these costs (e.g. X in direct labor, X in direct materials, X in insurance, X in utilities, etc.). How do these costs compare to the retail or wholesale values? 
4. Is there a dedicated position or positions for management accounting? Who oversees this area of accounting? 
5. What are some of the managerial accounting reports used within the company? How do these interrelate with the financial statements? 
6. How do management accounting reports aid with the company’s operations? Do you think these are more important than the external financial accounting reports? Why or why not? 
7. Provide a brief discussion on a fraud incident at the company (if publicly known).