Management of change.

Management of change.

Project description
Specify the position and company you started and ended up with in the Management of Change business simulation (Ledge or PPS). Briefly describe any formal and informal job changes you had in the course of the simulation.
(I was in the PPS company, and I’ll send you what was my position and reflection in the attachement.)

Please answer the question below based upon your understanding of your company as a single integrated organisational system. This will require you to demonstrate your understanding of issues in all the functional groups in your organisation and how they relate to each other.

(70% of the overall mark)

Identify and discuss the top 5 competencies that an organisation and its employees must develop in order to:

Proactively drive internal change.
React effectively to externally driven change.

Your choice of the top 5 competencies should be your own personal opinion. Discuss theoretical concepts and examples from your simulation experience to justify your view of the importance of each competency you identify.

This work should contain references to the module notes and actual simulation events, as well as to additional reading (reference books and/or journals). Apart from the module notes, at least 7 relevant academic references would be considered acceptable. Reference citations in the text need to be related to accurate content that is central to the reference authors work. In-text reference citations of trivial comments will not be considered to have any academic value.

If using internet sources, please take note that you are only allowed to use valid, academically acceptable websites. Websites like Wikipedia, businessballs and mindtools, weblogs and individuals contributions to internet forums, for example, are not acceptable reference sources. Please also take great care not to intentionally or unintentionally plagiarise from any reference source. (Please refer to the referencing guidelines on the WMG intranet.)

Excluding appendices if any, this assignment should be completed in 3000-3500 words (3500 words is the maximum). Please show your word count at the end of your assignment.

Top 5 competency and to identify it first perspective.
Integrate theories and blending it together.
Presentation and a table of content.
Figures numbered and a table of figures.
Diagram should be original not only copy it.
Introduction and a conclusion.
Word count at the end.