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The individual paper will be an evaluation assessing the role of management and the forces impacting the function.
Concept: There are many “basics” to management of resources and people. However, in the 21st century, we have a vast number of internal and external forces impacting management. This individual paper will be used by the student to present their research, understanding and conclusion of the management issue they select. Relate this topic to our readings (minimum of four references from our readings) and discussions as appropriate to your findings. Bring additional outside research (minimum of four references from print publications in combination with internet publications) into your paper as well. Select one and only one of the issues for consideration identified below for this paper. Be certain to give proper citation for the readings referred to in the body and the bibliography.
Issues for consideration:
• Assess the conflict between the economic goals of any given organization and its shareholders, and the personal goals of its employees and customers.
• Assess the impact of the increasing size and complexity of mega-corporations, transnational corporations and conglomerates on the management relationship with labor.
• Assess the impact on management of the conflict between the ever-increasing demand for ROI by owners and shareholders and the growing social demand for fair and equitable treatment and compensation for all employees.
• Assess the impact of the increasing public perception of American management being willing to sacrifice ethics and responsibility for maximized profits.