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Paper details:    Protecting People: Answer the Short-Answer Questions 1, 2, and 7 on page 253. On question 1, explain in detail. On question 7 – would this include key logging while at work? NOTE: Be sure you look at the correct section. Please look on page 253 at the 2ND section heading in bold red lettering titled Short-Answer Questions. There are 9 questions in that section.

This assignment should be at least 2 full pages. Remember to use the written paper guidelines: Name, course, and date. Use 1″ margins, double spacing, font size 12 and preferably a sans-serif font, such as Arial. Apply the 4-C’s of writing: Correct, complete, clear, and concise. Internet research should include an appropriate URL citation at the end of the document.

Please type the question and then the answer.

Book required: Management Information Systems For The Information Age, 9th edition.
Authors: Haag, and Cummings