Order Instructions/Description
“This module presents five perspectives upon cyberpsychology (Futurism, Romanticism,
Managerialism, Marxism and Actor-Network Theory).
Locating your analysis within ONE of these perspectives, critically examine the impact of a
specific technology (of your choosing) on organisational behaviour.
Your answer should include an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and partialities of
the perspective informing your analysis”.
At its most basic, answering this question requires you to make three informed choices:
– A perspective
– A technology
– An aspect of organisational behaviour
You need to exercise your own judgement as to the suitability of your choice of perspective,
technology and organisational behaviour. Whilst in principle you are entirely free to choose, you
need to judge the strength and character of any possible links between them, and of course to
consider the extent to which your chosen perspective illuminates these connections. In other words,
your choice of perspective, organisational behaviour and technology are all to some degree interdependent.