Assignment Requirements

Please note the following questions that have been asked by students a few times, and the related answers:

  1. My suburb/postcode dataset has suburbs with the same name that have a different postcode – is this an error?


No. Any suburb that has two different postcodes is not the same suburb, it is actually two different suburbs/towns but with the same name, and thus they need to be treated as unique suburbs. These cases are caused by regional suburbs – you can choose to either exclude the regional suburb from your analysis or include it (which will cause duplicate rows in your report, as it is a unique suburb) but you should state your assumptions/decision in the documentation section of your Excel workbook.


  1. My suburb/postcode dataset has multiple rows for some suburbs (with the same postcode) – can I delete the duplicates?


No. You will see that the data in the multiple rows for these suburbs is different and needs to be incorporated through sum or average functions (depending on the column you are dealing with) to obtain the actual data per suburb.

  1. What is the difference between employer superannuation contribution and employee superannuation contribution?


Employer superannuation contribution is compulsory superannuation contribution by the employer, based on the employee salary and a certain percentage. Some employees also opt to be self contributors (i.e. contribute more to their super, in addition to their employer contribution). If they choose to do so the amounts are based on their salary and a percentage determined by their age (see assignment specification).


Further Q&A will be added based on frequency of questions we receive from the students.

To complete the assignment you will need the three attached/linked files (listed below):


  1. Assignment specification
  2. Access database
  3. Excel template


Please read the assignment specification carefully to understand the requirements for the Access and Excel tasks that are required. This assignment is individual – group work is not permitted.


Submission details are included in the assignment specification. Please note that the BEL faculty assignment coversheet is not required for assignments submitted by Blackboard.


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