Manage Meeting Two

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This assessment has two parts.Part B is to be written.But i would like written answers for part A as well please.I will need to have a meeting regarding the questions on Part A so i would like to have your answers to help me prepare for that



Part A

Explain/ discuss the following procedures and terms for meetings:


  1. Why is there a time limit on speakers in a meeting?


  1. What is meant by “Waiting to be recognized by the chairperson”?


  1. What does “deferring decisions to another meeting” mean?


  1. What is meant by a ‘Quorum’ for meetings?


  1. What are the “Conflict of interest” provisions?


  1. Describe typical “Voting Procedures”.


  1. What does “Casting vote by the chairperson” mean?


  1. What are the requirements for public meetings?


  1. State the role/responsibilities of the meeting’s leader.





Using the information provided, write a brief comment on each attendee.


  1. Write a report on a meeting you attended as an attendee. Include in your report:


  1. a)      Meeting purpose
  2. b)      Meeting outcome
  3. c)      Attach the official meeting minutes of the meeting showing your attendance at this meeting where the attendees were noted
  4. d) Any other relevant information, reports etc.


          A minimum of one paragraph is required for each general QUESTION as follows:


  1. Discuss the importance of a well-managed and structured meetings?


  1. Why must meetings that include planned outcomes be well documented?


  1. Describe the methods you would you use to identify and notify meeting participants in accordance with organizational procedures.


  1. Why is it important to ensure accuracy when assembling key agenda items and during minute taking?




Upon completion of Part B students will have submitted the following documents to your trainer/assessor for marking.  




    • A report on a meeting as an attendee
    1. General Question Answers (refer to above)