Malnutrition: cause and actions to resolve

Nowadays, as globalization and competition increase between countries all over the world, we no longer live the life that it was decades ago. Due to the increase in world population over the years and the demand of better living under limited resources, it have become very hard for people to accomplish this goal without making any compromises. Nutrition is very significant to all human beings, and it is one of the key things that are compromised in the world today. Malnutrition affects people around the world today and can lead to various health issues for people that in turn cause a chain effect that lead to various economic costs. In addition, assessing the health consequences of food consumption habits has emerged as an important topic of inquiry in recent years (Raghunathan, Naylor, and Hoyer, 2006). Thus, it is very important to find ways to alter consumers’ consumption choice and promote healthier food consumption.