Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Applications

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1. Discuss the characteristics of surface coil localisation, including advantages and disadvantages of this technique.
Answer in Module 2. And please find another suitable references.
2. Discuss the relative merits of the PRESS and STEAM techniques, in particular the effect on signal-to-noise of both: (a) longitudinal (T1); and (b) spin-spin (T2) relaxation.
Module 2 (PRESS) and 3 (STEAM)
3. Discuss the following statement: ‘Peak area is a direct measure of metabolite concentration’.
Module 9. And find suitable reference
4. Select from the literature an example of a neurological disorder which has been investigated by MRS. Briefly describe the pulse sequence used and the results obtained, in terms of spectral changes which may be characteristic for this disorder. Comment on the contribution of MRS to diagnosis and treatment of the disorder, and its efficacy in routine application.

Please find attached. Two very important documents that can help and guide you. The first one is the same assignment that has been done by a previous student. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy is broad topic, the uploaded previous work will give you a good insight about the exact area and direction I need and how you can write the assignment in the same scoop I study (you can use the same information as long as you are able to paraphrase them without loosing the idea behind them).
The second one is: comments from the teacher for the previous work done by some students (very important). This will help you improve the previous work I uploaded. Please, try to meet the teacher comments. Finally, please add some recent articles in the field (2013,2014,2015).
I will also upload the relevant chapters from study book we use in the class. It can be used as a reference under the name (Cowin, 2015) you will find in the previous work but with old date (2011)