Literature Review on Gun Control

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Need to use Scholar Resources found in 5 different books and 5 different articles.

Here is the instructions for this paper:
The book chapter by Johnson et al (2008), to be available online during weeks 1-4 for a limited time, will serve as your manual for this part of the assignment. You should read that chapter carefully over the next few weeks for more detailed guidelines and tips that will facilitate completion of the literature review. Here, I will simply highlight some important elements that would apply to all types of research projects.
We are asking for maximum of 10 references, divided evenly between scholarly articles and books. Some online references may be included if they are deemed acceptable by Johnson et al (2008) guidelines. In particular, Wikipedia articles, online news, and blogs will not be considered valid references.
The best way to start identifying relevant references is to check the references from the required reading that inspired your research topic. You can proceed to identify more potential references by using the “pyramid” approach described in Johnson et al. (2008). Note that you will have to consult much more than 10 references, but we ask you that you ultimately select and review only the 10 most relevant ones—given your research question.
Please make an effort to submit a polished literature review. Y205 is not a writing class, but since the purpose of the literature review is to communicate scientific research, we will take points off for glaring spelling errors or if your review lacks any coherent organization. Ideally, you should plan to have a complete draft at least a week before the deadline. That way, you will have time to proofread and polish your writing. We cannot proofread drafts, but if you need assistance with your writing, you can get help from the IU Writing Tutorial Services (
Overall, we expect you to submit a concise literature review similar to the sample review showcased in Johnson et al (2008) in their figure 6-6 (pp. 202-26). Note that this sample review is not simply a laundry list of consulted works, but rather a thoughtful review that serves several important rhetorical purposes: (1) establishing the baseline of current knowledge; (2) identifying gaps or problems with existing knowledge; and, (3) informing the reader about how the current project builds on previous knowledge. Put differently, do not write a review that summarizes your references one by one in linear fashion. Rather, think of the literature review as a way to convince readers that it is worthwhile to read more about your research project.

Hypotheses (6 points)
This part assumes that you have selected the second research question from your original set of three questions (These three questions will be found in the file are, I will upload my research questions ) and reformulated that particular question in terms of three specific hypotheses. This task requires that you have both good conceptual definitions as well a clear identification of units of analysis, and dependent and independent variables.
Bibliography (1 point)
Please format citations and bibliography in accordance with the American Political Science Association style manual.