Literature review

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assessment task 1:Literature review

Task description:

This assignment requires you to critically evaluate and present findings from the literature on an aspect of your specialist practice. You should:

  • Decide on your topic or question. Keep this focused and limited in scope, to enable you to examine the literature more closely and to ensure there is sufficient literature to carry out a review. • Collect the relevant literature and outline your search strategy. Aim for 15-25 articles, depending on how much has been written on your chosen topic.
  • Analyse the literature, looking for all or some of the following: areas where authors agree or disagree; the range of different methodologies used and any methodological problems you can perceive; exemplary studies; obvious gaps in the research literature; unsupported assumptions.
  • When you write, you should briefly outline the development of the literature around your topic over time, briefly summarize and analyse the literature, and discuss your findings and relate them to previous knowledge. Further information is available on MyLO to assist you with this assessment piece.

Assessment criteria

  1. The extent to which a clear literature search topic / question is identified, a rationale or background provided, and the search strategy outlined.
  2. The extent to which the literature is critiqued, with reference to different methodologies and levels of evidence.
  3. The extent to which the reviewed papers are synthesised into a logical argument.
  4. The extent to which the assignment is presented in a persuasive academic style, with citations and referencing in accordance with the Harvard 2002 system. Standard descriptors for these criteria are included in the assessment rubric