Literature Review

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Description of Task – The literature review is an individual piece of assessment worth 25%. Throughout your business career you are likely to be asked to engage in activities and be required to research and produce a range of documents for discussion/action. It takes skill to gather relevant, objective and reliable data and produce a solidly researched paper. The purpose of this exercise is to help you develop basic research, writing and referencing skills related to communication skills; topic areas are interpersonal communication, negotiation, conflict management and intercultural communication. This exercise will involve you completing a literature review supported by no less than ten current (beyond 2005) refereed journal articles. The Academy of Management (AOM) reference style is to be applied to this assessment. Further details of this exercise will be discussed in Lectures and Tutorials.
** please make sure I receive this order on time-last time that didn’t happen** this literature review has to be theoretical and practical** I will attach subject learning guide please have a look at grading criteria**minimum 10 references (academy of management style)**please ask me question if I can assist you with this report.