Literature Response Paper "Everyday Use," Alice Walker (1972)

Literature Response Paper “Everyday Use,” Alice Walker (1972)

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Narrate your experiences and relate them to key themes in the literary work. It is your personal experiences that will form the basis of your paper, not a detailed literary explication. See sample student paper for additional clarification. Your paper should include a brief summary of the literary work and several direct quotes from it, but only to the extent that such quotes are connected to the life experience you are describing. Your paper should give ample evidence that you have read and understood the literary work and have found a way to make it relevant to your life. Imagine your audience to be classmates who have not read the literary work. From your discussion they should be able to get a good idea of what the work is about- the general storyline, main characters and theme- perhaps some information about the author. You need to have a minimum of four direct quotations, both short and long (over four line or 40 words in block format) from the literary work with appropriate Works Cited or Reference.