Lisa Benton Case Analysis

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Lisa Benton is a recent Harvard Business School graduate and now is an assistant production manager
at Houseworld. She has a poor relationship with her boss and a coworker, she recently received a poor
performance review, and she is worried about her future with the company. The purpose of this paper is for you to integrate your learning from across the course. Apply all learning that supports case analysis.

Please number the question then answer
1. Assess Linton’s leadership approach, applying concepts from across the course.
2. Acting as a consultant to Linton, make recommendations for how she can build an effective team.
3. Determine why Lisa Benton has not been effective in influencing her boss and colleagues.
4.Discuss what incidents Lisa Benton could have handled differently (and how). Make specific
recommendations concerning actions she could take to get her career back on track

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