Lincolns Civil War

Lincolns Civil War

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Clement Vallandigham V.S. Benjamin Wade

text book: Contending Voices 3rd edition John Hollitz

Compare and contrast their viewpoints of the Civil War and Lincoln.Who would you side with and why?

Questions to support essay may be:

  1. How would you compare Clement and Benjamin’s political views? How do you account for the differences? What were the most important influences shaping each man’s outlook?

  2. Some historians have argued that Clement was a traitor to the Union cause, while others view him as a loyal and legitimate political opponent. Which view do you think is correct? Why?

  3. Wade was one of the most radical politicians of his time. What was so radical about his views? What threat did they pose to Lincoln during the civil war.

  4. Wars often result in the narrowing of civil liberties. The civil war was no exception. Do you think Lincoln was justified in dealing with Clement as he did? What do the careers of Clement and Wade reveal about the political pressures confronting Lincoln during the war.