light use in interior space

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You should use the following structure for your dissertation proposal: Dissertation title
Write a title for your dissertation. It should clearly indicate your topic and the central question or line of enquiry of your research. Think about the appropriate length, and what a reader would understand about your project from reading the title.
?? Themes and issues
Provide a summary of your proposed project. What are the themes and issues that arise out it? What questions will you be asking? Why is it important?
Methods and sources
What do you feel are the most appropriate ways to explore the themes, questions and issues that your subject raises? Present an outline of the primary and secondary sources of your research. What methodologies will you employ and why? What challenges could they present?
Visual material
Provide THREE examples of visual material you will be considering (e.g. magazine, newspaper and online website/blog reports, images of exhibition displays and artifacts, film stills) and discussing during your research. Describe and analyse some of the ways that they relate to the issues you are planning to explore.
Personal statement
Discuss the relevance of your dissertation to your studio practice and / or Art
and Design History Modules. Bibliography
Include a bibliography (a list of all the useful sources you have found), using the Harvard referencing system

Does the title clearly indicate the nature of the study?
Is there a clear research question or central topic?
Are the objectives of the study clearly stated?
Is the writing clear and focused?
Is there an indication of the key texts their themes and arguments, and their relationship to the central topic?
Are key texts accurately referenced and included in a bibliography?
Are the chosen research methods accurately ?described?
Has the appropriateness of research method(s) been ?made clear?
Are the boundaries or limitations of the study ?understood?
Are there any unsubstantiated claims or generalisations, or inappropriate emotive terms?