Lettter to Governor Cuomo

My Community:
Assignment #1 – This Assignment has 2 parts: Part A and Part B
PART A: Summit the names of your US Senator, Congressional representatives, State senators, State assembly persons, City Council or County legislator.
PART B: Write a letter to one of the legislatures using the following criteria:
(1) Define a problem that exists in your community that is related to individual health or health care. (20 %)
*Inwood, New York, 10040-1152. Based upon this community, one key health issue according to Healthy People 2020 is considered to be Obesity (2014).
(2) Select someone who officially represents your community in local, state or federal government, who would be the appropriate person to take action on this problem.
State why you have selected this person.
This letter will be sent to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
(3) Write a letter to this official detailing the problem, possible solutions, and action that you recommend. Indicate ways in which the nursing community can be actively supportive.
Use of supporting data (referenced statistics and experience). (50 %)
(4) Use correct spelling and grammar, and appropriate presentation of content. (15 %)
Governor: The Honorable (full name)
Governor of ——
State Capitol —–
Street Address and Zip Code