Letter to Division of Emergency Management (Selective Service)

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Client has been working for the Department of Children and Family (a Government Agency) for 10 years. He applied for a position at the Division of Emergency Management (another Government Agency). Interview went well. He was offered the position; However the Division of Emergency Management does not want to hire him if he does not provide a Selective Service Status Letter. I want to use a very SOFT/NICE tone to argue that the client does not really need the Selective Service Status Letter to be hired for the position since he is already working for the Government and entered the United States at the age of 29. Client will submit this letter to the Division of Emergency Management with a copy of his I-94 with date of entry stamp on it.
Source 1 – http://www.sss.gov/Status.html
Source 2: https://www.sss.gov/PDFs/PrinterFriendly/StatusInfo.pdf