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 Assignment Instructions

In order to learn how your voice can be heard regarding an environmental issue, you are to write a letter to a legislator who represents you in state, local or national government. The selected legislator must have relevancy to the letter’s central topic.

What to include in your letter to a Governmental Official

1. Include your return address, as well as the proper salutation and mailing address of the legislator. (Do web searches for names and addresses of legislators who represent you at the local, state, and Federal levels of government.)

2. Include the proper salutation for the official. Use business letter formatting (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/653/01/) .

3. Focus your attention on one topic, legislative issue or bill. Research it to show evidence of being informed.

4. Write to an appropriate elected official for the issue, who represents the district where you reside. Do not write to an inappropriate official. For example, writing to the President of the United States about a strictly local concern is inappropriate. Do web searches for names and addresses of the elected officials who represent you in government.

5. The letters should request information, specific actions, or express an opinion regarding a specific policy based on sound understanding of the science involved.

6. Make sure your letter is dated and you have signed it. There is no need to include a stamp.