Letter of Intent (Business Letter)

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In this essay you need to state Your Business (Computer repair shop) Dallas Texas
Your first step in your Microsoft Office Word 2010 Project is to decide what type of business you would like to research for your project. This can be a business that you are already thinking about, have started, or a fictional one. Computer Repair shop.
What kind of business would you like to open? Why? Where is it located? What will you do there? Answers to all of these questions and more will form the basis of your Letter of Intent. (This letter will serve as the prospectus of your project.)
Create Your Letter of Intent
With your knowledge of Word 2010, create a letterhead for your company stationery, including an address. On your new stationery, write a letter addressed to your instructor (as a possible investor) regarding the questions mentioned above. Do not limit yourself to these questions; they should only serve as a guide to get you started.
The letter must be at least 1 page long with default margin and text settings. Make sure that you include all elements of a professional business letter formatted in block-style.
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