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Lessons / Critique –30pts.
• Each student will conduct one 20+ minute activity lesson with the 3300 class using the lesson plan format posted on blackboard. The lesson should be original and creative it must be a routine (set steps, counts, beats, etc.) that you develop (no YouTube or mainstream dances). You must teach your lesson in front of a live group of people, friends, relatives, students, etc..and create a lesson plan using the lesson plan format. You must be able to provide your own music for the lesson- you must video tape the lesson and upload to you tube, vimeo, or another outlet to watch a video.

• You must incorporate Florida’s Sunshine State Standards- CPALMS FEAPS ( NASPE) standards in your lesson plan
• Successfully sequence lessons and concepts to ensure coherence and required prior knowledge.
• You must successfully design instruction for students to achieve mastery
• Organize, allocate, and manage the resources of time, space, and attention
• Successfully manages individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system
• Adapts the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs and diversity of students
• You must create a rubric to assess students achievement for your lesson- please attach to your lesson plan
• Must upload this lesson to taskstream to receive a passing grade in the class
So basically, you are creating a dance…performing it and teaching it to a group of people you know, and writing a lesson plan that goes along with it!
It must be 20 minutes that includes warm-up, teach, and cool down
You lesson plan must also include a grading rubric!
And please do not leave the questions in parentheses in the lesson plan its just to help you on what is needed to put there