legal aspect of engineering

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Select a topic of interest to you that is related to items in the course syllabus
1.Cover Page (name, course, paper title)
2.Abstract / Executive Summary (1/2 to 1p) one can read this and know what paper is all about
3.Introduction / Background (1-2pp) set the stage for the story you will tell
4.Narrative – organized by sections (6-8pp) address the topic
5.Conclusions / Summary / Recommendations (1-2pp) what do you think? suggestions, etc.
6.References / Literature Cited (WWW citations are acceptable if they include complete working clickable URLs)

Regardless of page count, your paper should be a minimum of 3,500 words (use the word count feature of your word processor). For example, this page is 310 words so figure about 10 pages @ 350 words or so would meet the minimum target (dont count appendix material; excerpts from regs/laws; etc. i.e . no fillers)
Avoid wide margins and large line spacing to reach the suggested page counts (and it doesnt add any words to the count)
Recycling is generally good, but DO NOT RECYCLE A PAPER FROM ANOTHER COURSE
Law reviews are a good reference source for your topic but only as a reference see other research resources via the College library
Submit paper via e-mail with an attached document (Word .doc or .rtf format)
Topic MUST involve areas included in the course outline
You may include limited amounts of other’s material but only with appropriate references at the point of use

The writer may chose any topic for this essay except topic must include the things below. Below you will see the course syllabus.
I.The U.S. Legal, Regulatory, Judicial and Legislative System
System Overview
How our Laws are Made; Laws vs. Regulations
Regulatory Aspects and Administrative Law
Federal Register SystemWeeks 1-2
II.Contractual Relationships
Basic Principles of Contract Law
The Contractual Relationship
Termination and Breach; Damages
Privity & Intro to Products Liability
Government Contracts
Construction Contracts
ArbitrationWeeks 3-4
III.Tort Law and Products Liability
Tort Law/Contract Law Interactions
Theories of Products Liability
Design DefectsWeeks 5-6

IV.Intellectual Property
Patent Law
Copyright Law
Computer Law / Internet LawWeeks 8-10
V.Environmental Law
VI.Professional Practice
Types of Operation (Partnership/Corporation/Limited Liability Entities)
Ethical Considerations
Professional LiabilityWeek 12