Learning Theory Paper

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This is the question:

How can social learning theory be used to guide the use of technology in schools to maximize learning?


Structure of the Learning Theory Paper

Include the following elements in your research paper:

  • Introduction – Which question did you choose and why? What were you looking for?
  • Background – Briefly explain the theory or theorist on which your paper is based.
  • Body – Include two or three sections, each with its own heading, that explain the main categories of what you found out about your topic/question.
  • Summary of the Findings
  • Conclusion – How would you answer your original question?
  • References – Use APA format for the in-text citations and a reference page at the end of the paper. Include at least seven current (meaning not less than ten-years old) articles (not books, except for our text). Your reference page is the last page of your paper.
  • Writing – Your paper must be well-written (graduate level vocabulary–do NOT use contractions), and free from grammatical, format and typing errors.


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