Leadership Studies

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Prompt: Analyze the chapter your team presented.

Guiding questions: Use the following questions to guide your analysis.

What does your assigned chapter say about:

The ME country of focus– What were the local (political, economic, social, cultural) conditions? Who were the leaders? What did the leaders want? Who were the leaders the U.S. thought they could work with? Why? How? Who did the local masses favor? Why?
The conditions in the U.S– Who were the U.S. leaders at the time? What were they after? What were the local conditions in the U.S (political, economic, social, cultural)?
Other players (Agents, lobbyists, vested interests, etc)
Cold War context
In what way/s is your chapter connected to materials we looked at earlier in the course? (Zakaria, Friedman, Reel Bad Arabs) What do these connections means? What is their significance?

Based on the above, what conclusions might one make on the ways that the countries, leaders, and masses interacted?

Based on such conclusions, what is the main point your essay will make?

Papers are to be:

4-5 pages in length
Double spaced, with standard 1 inch margins, in 12 point font
Handed in to the instructor by team– All team members will submit their papers on the same day.