Leadership: Choose the Type of Leadership form from "Leadership theories" that resembles you closest, Elaborate in depth about the theory, how it resembles you, the drawbacks &contradictions of theory, examples that would help suppo

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Leadership: Choose a Type of Leadership form from “Leadership theories” that resembles you closest, Elaborate in depth about the theory, how it resembles you, the drawbacks &contradictions of theory, examples that would help justify and support your perspective, along with examples about you resembling these types of Leadership styles.

Make sure to Include that the type of Leadership Style that resembles you is a “Combination of both”:
-Transformational Leadership(Mention an indepth analysis of this and how it relates to you(all the traits associated to this type of leadership)+how it is beneficial in Business life& the benefits and drawbacks associated to this type of leadership. Also mention Examples in real life of how it resembles you(Make up the examples) >From among the examples you mention, include an example of an inclass team assignmemt in my leadership course, in which we were supposed to build the longest tower possible, in a given set of time(while there were other groups), and i automatically became the team leader and ensured that all my group did what they were expected to do and guided them and motivated them, and we won. Another example of an intense Business Simulation event(alot of physical and mental activities+startegic planning) over a weekend in a place called Bramely’s lake in the UK, where i was one of the CEO’s of the different groups, and I got the Award for most improved performance group(because of my work and abilities(mention them))

-Charismatic Leadership(Charisma, Charm, motivating group and maintaining performance, and all traits associated to this theory, mention the benefits, the disadvantages of this theory,and how i can improve on it.&all things need to know about this Theory)

*Mention the traits&characteristics of these leadership styles, how these type of leadership are inter-related, how they relate to who i am, their benefits in relation to my Personality, Drawbacks, How i can improve on the drawbacks, Contradiction in the theories and contradiction of theories from different authors, how the qualities of the personality leadership traits i have impact my values, beliefs, optimism, how happy i am,positive psychology and leadership

*Ensure that your Analaysis of everything including the Theories are “indepth” with solid evidence that justifies the perspective and points you are making, as to show the level on indepth reflective thinking you have made)

*After mentioning all of the above Dominant personality styles, Mention how you believe that you believe that the type of leadership i would naturally adopt would also depend on situation, type of people i am working with, the environment+Adaptation based on situation you are in. mention something about “path-Goal approach” here.

*You are a leader who would soon take over Family business, (having all of the characteristics and traits of the leaderships styles that resemble me(mentioned above)), what are the skills you need to develop yet so that you become successful in taking over
-Mention an Action Plan(Mission+vision+ How take yourself further&develop on myself these skills and Qualities in future)

**Make sure to include all of the mentioned information and details i have provided you with,
but make sure it is in a sequential and chronological order you believe best fit and has a gradual flow, and is properly structured

-This is a Research-Based Theoretical Paper that should focus on the indepth analysis of everything mentioned above, but along with integration to how it has benefited me in life(with the use of real life examples to elaborate on and justify this fact and manage to create a relation)

-Make sure that the Vocabulary+Sentence structure and Grammar are proper, and that the Term paper is of Top Quality Standards of Essay Capital.

-The Given Deadline is Sharp and to the point, so i can not make any extensions to the deadline. please make sure that i do not need to request any revisions, because if i feel that the paper isnt of Top quality standards, i will do so until i believe the paper is proper. And I need to submit the paper immediately when i receive it.