Leadership Characteristics and its Applications to Leadership

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Your task in this paper is to be self-analytic. During the first segment of the course you will have received a number of different kinds of information of potential relevance to you as a person. Some of this will come in the form of what you learn this semester. Other information will come from your experiences outside class. This paper should attempt to present a coherent picture of the writer using whatever concepts are helpful with special attention given to the development of you own Philosophy of Management. The central question for this paper is “what do I bring to the role of leader and manager that may influence the way I act in that role?” In this paper you should identify your 2-3 most important personal characteristics, provide ample evidence for each characteristic and speculate on how each characteristic is likely to affect you in the role of a leader (maximum 4 pages, double-spaced, single-sided, 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, with no grammar or spelling errors, also include a title page and upload your paper as the final version. The first page of the paper should be a title page. The format of the text should include an introduction that briefly describes the main content of the paper. Then you should provide separate sub-sections for each of the personal characteristics you have identified as being your most important characteristics. Relate your characteristics to your Philosophy of Management. In addition, consider your abilities in leading people. Within each of these sub-sections you should provide multiple types of evidence to support the existence of the characteristics and then speculate on how each characteristic might help and hinder you in the role of a leader. The final section of the main text should be a conclusion. Your written assignment will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1. Your diagnostic ability: the extent to which you can identify and organize concrete and significant data about phenomena that you are trying to analyze. 2. Your analytic and conceptual skills: the extent to which you are able to integrate your own personal experience and the various theories and models discussed in the course.
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