Law Research Paper

Instructions of Preparing MIS Research Report:

Students are required to demonstrate research skill by conducting an individual graduate-level

research project. The purpose of the project is to equip students with independent academic

research capability. Each student is expected to carry out an in-depth investigation on the current

MIS issues such as innovations, strategies, regulations, policies, best practices, and impacts of

management information systems on the organization. The final project paper will be a formal

report within the range of 20 to 40 double-spaced pages (excluding appendix) in the APA style.

Specific Note on Proposal from the Professor – IMPORTANT

  1. Conduct a thorough literature review onyour research topic and its current issues mentioned in your proposal and other areas such as user acceptance, user training, culture shift, security, regulations, and PAPA (i.e., privacy, accuracy, property, and accessibility) mentioned in the textbook.

Website with info on PAPA:

  1. For technical and implementation issues, you can refer to Figures 6.3, 6.4 and 6.7 (pp. 174, 175 & 181, respectively). Address some principles ofimplementing robot lawyers in organization. In addition to SWOT analysis, you may also extend your research to other managerial considerations such as adaptability, standardization, scalability, ROI, green concept, etc. (pp. 185-191 and 356-371).
  1. Tabulate and summarize possible impacts ofrobot lawyers on user satisfaction, employee productivity, and business performance.
  1. Draw implications and conclusions from your research results such as observations, cases of best practice, failures, and lessons learned.
  1. Prepare a cover page with the title of your research project, your name, and report date.
  2. Provide an abstract to summarize your research purpose, research method and results.

Following by 4 to 6 keywords.

  1. List headings and subheadings in a table of contents with associated page numbers.
  2. Keep direct quotes to a minimum level or avoid them. Turnitin may treat them as a potential

plagiarism. Turnitin score MUST be 15% or lower.

  1. Refer and cite at least ten (10) scholarly journal articles and/or books.

You can use corporate white papers and trade magazine reports in addition to

those ten required scholarly articles. Give appropriate citations in your report following APA

style. Cited articles shall be listed in alphabetical order of author’s last name in the

“References” section. Un-cited articles shall not be listed or submitted.

  1. Provide implications, lessons learned if any, and possible future research directions.
  2. Draw conclusion from your research results and summarize contributions to the literature.
  3. Check your margins (1 inch all sides), spacing (Spacing-Before: 0 pt, After: 0 pt; Line

Spacing: Double), spelling and typographical errors (grammar, punctuation, titles of figure

NY Times – Supporting

Hacked – Supporting

Dataconomy – Suporting


BOL – Counter Argument

Pitfalls of Predictive Coding

15 Pages double spaced