Law of Business Associations

  1. not re-state the question at the beginning of your answer. Go straight to identification of the main issues.
  2. need to provide authority for each legal principle you state in your answer. Wherever possible, you should rely on primary, rather than secondary, sources of law (i.e. cases and legislation rather than textbooks and websites).
  3. assignment must have footnotes and a bibliography listing the cases, books and or journal articles you used in preparing the answer.
  4. Typed, stapled, font size 12, LH 6 cm margin, LH and RH justified, bibliography, correct citations of cases and legislation, layout/setting out (use of appropriate headings -clarity, ease of reading), conformity with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition) and formal requirements expressed in the Unit Outline.
  5. Please answer BOTH of the questions in the file that attached in