Kooples (Buying Merchandising, Retail, Visual Display)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements




Analyse the brand retail distribution, explaining how the brand is distributed on the international level.
You will explain the online strategy of the brand.
You will also analyze the shopping experience provided in their Parisian (or in one of their Parisian) monobrand  store(s) and compare it with the one you made in one of the Parisian department stores.
From this comparison, you will propose some solutions to improve the customer in-store experience.


You are responsible for buying for the season (Spring/Summer 2016)

1 / Describe the structure and organisation of your company and buying office

Describe the role of each in the purchasing office

Provide an organizational chart

2 / Schedule the purchase rhythms

3 / How is defined your buying budget?

Describe the different product categories?

Annual, seasonal, permanent, fancy ..

Build a buying budget for one item category

Explain the different  necessary stage to build a buying budget.

4 / calculate the cost price of 1 item (margin etc …)

5 / what Incoterm did you choose? Explain your choice

There may be different incoterms .

Incoterm is depending of your sourcing location or your company strategy or policy.

6 / What supplier to choose? for which product�s category and why?

Do not forget to mention the GSP and EUR1

7 / Which type of transportation do you choose and why?

8/ Establish a purchase order.

Don�t forget to mention the payment term.

Among these solutions, you will describe the visual design improvements you are recommending.
They might concern space design and visual merchandising, communication design, sensorial design (sound, olfactory design, ..) and/or digital applications.
You will draw a schematic plan of the point of sales within its environment, showing client circulations through space, product zones, fixtures, fittings, lighting and location of communication elements (directional, informational and promotional signs and images). The lay-out will include legends.
You will also add a mood board to visually illustrate your proposition.

This essay is suppose to be based on facts we came up with.. and for the buying we make the necessary decisions on which intercom we use and so on..