Knowledge Management Strategy and Implementation.

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Assignment : Knowledge Management Strategy and Implementation.
Aim: To demonstrate an understanding of the implementation of knowledge management, through reporting on how ONE organization has implemented a knowledge strategy.
Brief: You are asked to undertake a focused investigation into the implementation of knowledge management by one organization. You might like to start the process by either focusing on an organization known to you, or with reference to a specific case study based academic article, and then explore web sites and other sources to learn more about your case study. The implementation may be across the whole organization (focusing on ethos and culture), at the team level, or relating to the introduction of a new technology. Key themes to cover are:
• the objectives, and the strategic context
• the implementation process, with specific reference to the stakeholders involved
• the potential or realized benefits of the implementation to organizational performance.
You should present the assignment as a PowerPoint presentation, with both slides and NOTES. You will then offer a 15 minutes presentation to the rest of the group.

Very recomended to use SECI model if it is appropriate.

-No need cover page. Each page has to include comments for 2 minutes