knowledge economy

1.) It has been argued that the United States’ economy is shifting from a manufacturing base to a “knowledge economy”. What is a knowledge economy? What changes will be necessary for the shift to a knowledge economy?

2.) Explain the concepts of reactivity and inertia as well as how each concept acts as a barrier to change in criminal justice organizations.

3.) What does the term “disproportionate minority contact” mean? How does disproportionate minority contact play out in the juvenile justice system?

4.) What is the extent of crime where you live? Locate the agency that compiles crime statistics for your state and search for the crime statistics for your county for the year 2007. Describe your findings. How do these numbers compare with your beliefs about the extent and nature of crime in the county where you live? Include a link to the agency’s web page.

200 words per question. Also provide references in APA format.