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Directions: Read the questions below and provide a thorough response in your own words using proper APA guidelines for formatting and citations and double space Your answer to each question should be at least one page in length. Provide the question then the answer to each question. Please follow the directions given.
1. Discuss the various symptoms of individuals who do not produce reliable results when interviewed because of mental or emotional deficiencies. Explain how long the interviewer should continue the questioning and what he or she should do to terminate the interview. What is the next step for this suspect?
2. Develop a brief profile of the mentally disturbed subject and what attributes enable the interrogator to classify the subject as possibly being a psychotic.
3. Write a brief treatment on schizophrenia as mental illness and as a fractured personality, and explain the four main categories of schizophrenic characteristics.
4. There is an extensive list of brain diseases in your text. Select one of them. Go on the Internet and research the expected behaviors resulting from the damage they can do to the brain. Describe the behaviors of this brain disease and explain how an interrogator could identify the disease during interaction with the subject.
5. Describe the actions the interrogator should take once he or she has been alerted by the subject’s kinesic behavior to a possible risk of suicide.
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