Juxtaposition and analysis of female characters in Matilda by Roald Dahl through feminist lens

Grading will be based on the quality of the paper as a whole. Specifically, I will be looking at three factors: (1) the extent to which you carefully followed the instructions outlined on this handout, (2) the level of sophistication of your analysis of gender and (3) your ability to effectively convey psychological ideas in written form. Task: – You can read any book ( fiction or non-fiction) where the main character is female. (You must have your book approved by me) Please write an analysis of the book using feminist theory to guide you. Paper: I. Provide an overview of this book. (in a paragraph or 2) II. Discuss how women are portrayed in this book. How is the main character portrayed? Does she reinforce gender stereotypes about women? III. Describe ways in which you think that the messages in the book might affect women and men psychologically. Use theory from class to guide you. –Note: this should be the longest and most in depth section of your paper. –Note: you have the right to build a case that these poplar culture messages are psychologically inert. However, you need to present some type of evidence to support your claim.