JFK and secrecy

Job Instructions:

Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography is a compiled list of sources (such as journal articles, books, essays, etc.) pertaining to a particular topic, and arranged in alphabetical order. An annotation is an explanatory note, in this case one that both analyzes and evaluates the source. Put them together, and you have a list of “secondary sources”—texts that will be used to extend and deepen your analytical argument—with concise overviews of each.  More than a summary, your annotations will demonstrate your critical reading of the text, and articulate its relevance to your project.  This stage of the project is designed to advance your information literacy—the ability to recognize when you need information, identify the kinds of information you need, and then locate, evaluate, and utilize that information accordingly.

Specifically, your task is to find one peer-reviewed scholarly article, as well as one source from three of these four categories: book chapter; website; magazine; newspaper.  Put differently, you will have a total of four sources that are timely, credible, and relevant to the topics raised by your artifact and/or your analysis of it. One will be a peer-reviewed scholarly article.  The remaining three will represent three of the four categories listed. You’re then asked to correctly cite each source in MLA format.  Finally, practice your critical reading skills and provide an annotation for each entry using the rhetorical précis (pronounced prey–see) template.