Java Script- 6_1 Function to combine words

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6_1. Create a Web page that does the following. Write a function combineWords(word1,word2) that displays both words (i.e. the words in the parameters) in an alert box with a space between them. Be sure to place the function declaration in the head section of your document, inside script tags.
Then in the body section, add script tags and include JavaScript code that prompts the user to input two words. Store this input in two variables, word1 and word2. Then write a function call to combineWords, passing the values input to the functions. Hint: use concatenation inside the function to combine the words.

My professor also requested that ” Submission should be a link published to the Pace server!!!
Reference course documents to learn how to get onto the server. ”

I don’t know what he means by saying that but I think these documents below in my Course Documents folder can help you. Let me know if you need any other information.

Setup Required for HTML Projects
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1) You will need to activate your Web account on the Pace student Web Server. Go to and follow the instructions for activating your account.

The address for your Web home page is based on your Pace email ID. For example, if your email ID is tf56789n, then your Web home page address is:

2) Download and install HTML editor Blue Griffon –

2) Download and install CoreFTP – (to transfer files to your Web account) and Blue Griffon (to create HTML pages). Links to these software packages can be found under External Links. If you have a Mac download and install Cyber Duck –
3) Follow the instructions included in the attached document. This will allow you to use CoreFTP to access and upload files to your Web account.

Using CoreFTP
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Using CoreFTP to Copy files to your Web site
Creating a web site is a two step process. You create and edit your files on your laptop (sometimes called the client machine). Then you need to copy them to a machine that is a web server. A web server has a connection to the internet, and has the software needed to manage web sites (called TCP/IP). Examples of web servers are and You will be hosting your web site on the server names
You will use FTP software to copy your files from your client machine to the web server. FTP means file transfer protocol. FTP is a method that is free and available to the public. So there are many different ways you can use FTP to copy your files to the web server.

Use CoreFTP:

CoreFTP is free software you can download (go to web sites on the Blackboard site)

When you first open CORE FTP you get a window that comes up that says SITE MANAGER – if this does not appear, you can click on the BLUE lightning bolt on the top left corner below “VIEW”.
In SITE MANAGER – for SITE Name – put the user name or anyname.
For HOST/IP/URL – put
USERNAME pace/ma40393n (your portal name)
Password – your portal password (it is case sensitive)
Then click connect and it should go through.

Use windows:

Type in the address of your web page:
Type in your user name (pace/xx12345n) and your portal password
Drag and drop files into your folder